Xindong Song

Kavli Distinguished Postdocctoral Fellow (2017)


  • PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore USA
  • MS, Biology, Tsinghua University, Beijing CHINA
  • BS, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing CHINA

Research Interest

  • Perception and cortical processing of complex sounds (e.g. pitch perception)
  • Functional organization of the primate auditory cortex at the meso- and micro- scales
  • Multisensory integration of social-communication related information in the primate cortex
  • Advanced optical imaging development for studying cortical functions in awake primates
  • Bridging optical engineering and genetically encoded labeling in primates

Current Projects

  • Development of a multi-scale optical imaging pipeline for mapping cortical functions in awake marmosets
    1. Develop a through-skull optical imaging paradigm to map functional landscapes composed of multiple cortical areas across sensory modalities in awake marmoset monkeys.
    2. Create through-skull-imaging guided procedures for implanting cranial windows to precisely cover the entire auditory cortex on marmoset brain surface.
    3. Advance wide-field imaging approaches to map functional architectures in marmoset auditory cortex through intrinsic optical signal and calcium signal.
    4. Design and built a silent-scanning two-photon microscope for imaging neuronal activities in marmoset auditory cortex without acoustic artifacts.
  • Meso- & Micro-scale Functional Architecture of the “Pitch Center” in Marmosets:
    Apply through-skull and windowed functional imaging approaches to map cortical landscapes for processing pitch through spectral and temporal mechanisms.
    Utilize silent-scanning two-photon microscopy to study cortical pitch processing at the single-neuron level.
  • Pitch Perception Mechanisms in Marmosets
    Use operant conditioning tasks to reveal cognitive mechanisms for pitch perception in marmosets.


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