Chenggang Chen



  • PhD, Tsinghua University, Biomedical Engineering (2018)
  • BS, Jilin University, Biomedical Engineering (2011)

Research Interest

  • Interaction of acoustic space axis with frequency, sound-level and time axis;
  • Fundamental organization of full spatial field in auditory cortex;
  • Combined social and spatial coding.


  • Chenggang Chen, Mingxiu Cheng, Tetsufumi Ito and Sen Song (2018). Neuronal organization in the inferior colliculus revisited with cell-type-dependent monosynaptic tracing. The Journal of Neuroscience 38: 3318-3332;
  • Liting Yi, Yujie Ding, Bin Yuan, Lei Wang, Lu Tian, Chenggang Chen, Fujun Liu, Jinrong Lu, Sen Song and Jing Liu (2016). Breathing to harvest energy as a mechanism towards making a liquid metal beating heart. RSC Advances 6: 94692-94698;